In a world of excess, NALU reclaims the joy of simplicity. This is not about how little we can live with, it is about figuring out what we simply can’t live without. Living with less has its virtues, but the task of essential living is to uncover the elements that bring us joy. 

Our mission is to cultivate selectivity, to transform plain objects into pieces that speak about who we are and what makes us happy.

Today’s hyper-connectivity and sensory overload are leaving humans feeling wiped. Simplification is not a trend. It is our nature. It is a basic need that is getting rediscovered. It is now present in all new aesthetics. It is present in design, in architecture, in our life philosophy, as well as in the clothes we choose. 

This is why we created NALU, a product range that includes non-underwired and non-padded brasbriefs and simple lingerie pieces with contemporary design. Essential lingerie that allows us to move freely and highlights the natural shape of our bodies.